Retainer Care

Retainers are required to keep your teeth in their new positions. Regular retainer wear is often necessary for a lifetime as your body is continually undergoing growth and changes. Minor irregularities, particularly in the lower front teeth, may occur.

  • Wear your removable retainers 18 hours a day (this includes sleeping) or as recommended for the 6 months to a year followed by “night-time for lifetime”
  • Do not wear removable retainers during eating to prevent damage
  • Keep removable retainers in the proper case when not wearing them
  • Brush retainers daily with liquid or foaming soap with water daily. Denture cleaning tablets can be used once weekly. Never soak in denture cleaner or mouthwash, as retainers can be damaged.
  • Maintain scheduled retention “retainer check” appointments. If applicable, Dr. Holland also monitors when it is time for patients to be seen by an Oral Surgeon for an evaluation of wisdom teeth.
  • Bring all removable retainers to my “retainer check” appointments

Call the office immediately if your retainer breaks or is not fitting properly to guard against teeth drifting into undesirable positions. We will need to take new impressions to have new retainer(s) made for you. There will be a fee if replacement retainers are needed.

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