First Visit

Our complimentary consultation with Dr. Holland is an important time to address your questions about orthodontic treatment, and establish a plan of action for your care. At this time, we will discuss, identify, and work to find a solution for any orthodontic needs. Treatment plans are personalized as well as estimated length of treatment, and cost.

If the patient is not ready for treatment, Dr. Holland will suggest a recall date for the patient to come back and the front office will schedule an appointment accordingly.

Before your appointment, we will request from your General Dentist your most recent X-Rays be shared with our office. If needed, Dr. Holland will determine if we take a Panoramic "Panorex" Radiograph at this appointment. If this Radiograph is not covered by insurance and patient does not currently have one, there may be a charge.

Please be sure to bring your insurance card (if applicable) and arrive early to fill out your initial paperwork if you have not already done so. You will receive an appointment reminder via email the day before your appointment, with our New Patient forms attached.

If you are unable to open the forms via e-mail, you can find them below. If you are unable to print the necessary forms, please notify our staff and we can provide them to you.

New Patient Form (ADULT - 18+) new-patient-form-adult.pdf

New Patient Form (CHILD) new-patient-form-child.pdf

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