We use the Orthotain “OT” appliance for treatment of overbites easily before braces to make future treatments much easier, or in some cases even eliminate the need for further treatment.

The “OT” appliance is to be worn for 4 accumulative hours during the day, and all night. Intervals could be time spent doing homework, reading, car rides, watching TV, etc.

It may fall out while sleeping; the more daytime wear, the more your body will know to keep it in during the night. Your OT will turn an opaque color, similar to the case when its worn long enough.

As you wear the OT during the day, squeeze into it intermittently. You may feel some jaw and teeth discomfort while doing this. If you do feel discomfort, don’t be alarmed as it means your teeth and jaw are moving, which is what we want.

You can take care of your OT by washing it with soap and water, plus denture tablets periodically. Use a tooth brush to keep all the surfaces clean and always keep the OT in the case when not wearing it.

If you have any pets, please be sure to always keep away from animals, especially dogs - they like the saliva and will try to eat it.


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